Bassin’ from a Boat

Swapped the canoe out for an outing this evening on my buddy Daniel’s boat. We caught a few bass, all on jigs and a live bait rig in deeper water. Bass were schooled together around 15 feet on the perimeter of a hump. They wanted a jig dropped vertically or live bait dangling on their nose for them to bite. They wouldn’t take any kind of horizontal presentation. Fun evening!



River Smallie over Lunch

Today I decided to take my lunch hour and headed down to the river behind my building and fished the rocky shoreline. Caught a couple small bass and lost a slab black crappie that was well over a pound when he flipped off a rock and back in the river it went.

A Short Productive but Spendy Morning

A short productive morning turned out to be an expensive outing. Both my GoPro cam and my cousin Binh’s phone are at the bottom of the lake. I was removing the case to wipe off the moisture that built up on the lens and the GoPro slipped off my finger tips and plopped it went in about 15 feet of water. A half hour later my cousin’s phone slipped out of his pocket and down it went. It wasn’t so much losing the old GoPro that hurts, it’s the new catch and release footages I got from today and the past few weeks that bites. Oh well, I’m going to spend some time looking at the new GoPro Hero 6. Anyone have experience or feedback on the new Hero 6?

Spring Bay Resort on Lake Vermilion

I took Stacey and Joshua up for the first time to Spring Bay Resort in Cook, Minnesota for our first family outing together on Lake Vermilion from June 23-30, 2018. I had visited there on four previous occasions and always felt at home there. The weather was great for the most part. Sunny and windy the first couple days. We had a couple strong thunderstorms mid-week and towards the end of our stay.

We stayed in the Keenan cabin for the week and the cabin was spacious and nice!

We caught lots of smallmouth bass around the islands and chunk rocks. All of them caught on a 3″ Ned Zone and the Clackin’ Crank. We caught some nice northerns in the Partridge River using big curly tail grubs, crankbaits, and a black Pike Enthraller. In the back of Woody’s Cove I found a few chunky largemouth on topwater frogs, wacky worm, and the old Dance ‘N Eel. The key was to keep moving from spot to spot and planning to catch a couple of fish at a spot.

The highlights of the trip was walking down to Moosebirds for ice cream and playing at the beach. We drove a golf cart for fun around the resort. We visited The Landing for a big bacon cheeseburger on our first night and that was delicious!

Another fun memorable trip in the books! We will be coming back next year.

Father’s Day

Great Father’s Day spent with family eating delicious brunch and some fishing! Started the morning fishing one lake and moved to another after the front move through. A few bit a topwater frog and the rest were caught on the X Zone Lures 6″ Muscle Back Hawg Hunter using a 1/4 oz. WOO Tungsten flipping weight and 3″ Ned Zone soaked in Baitmate Fish Attractant Live Gamefish formula.

Me & My Canoe

In May of 2015, I purchased my first 16′ Mad River Adventure Canoe from REI in Bloomington. I remember how excited I was to bring it home. Two years prior to the purchase, I was introduced to the canoe by my fishing buddy Gary Engel and got to experience fishing from it. I loved every minute of it! With two people paddling, the Adventure cuts and moves fast through the water. It has plenty of leg room, a couple of vertical slots/rod holders behind the front and back seat to store your fishing rods upright, and plenty of space for your tacklebox, net, small cooler, etc. The front and back seats have comfortable backrests so no more backaches. A third seat in the middle is perfect for taking a child along for a nice paddle on an evening. Many nice lunkers and trophy fish have been brought into my canoe with many more to come!


Big Gators

Exploring a new lake this morning was a success! We caught lots of small pike up in shallow but we found where the sharp drop-off was and the big gators were there in deeper cooler water. Jigging with heavy hair jigs and burning spinnerbaits was key.