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new Joining the GoFish Cam Family
Very excited to announce that I will be an Ambassador on the GoFish Cam Team this year! Truly an honor to get the opportunity to work with this awesome company. Some of my filming this year will include underwater footage, hopefully capturing bone-jarring strikes and get some action-packed footage along with a view of the underwater world. Check out their website:

new Joining the GoFish Cam Family
I took JT out for a little fishing adventure yesterday afternoon. We stopped at a gas station to pick up a couple cans of waxies. JT caught about a dozen nice bluegills and pumpkinseed sunfish within an hour. Fun day at the lake!

2019 Iowa Spring Largemouth Bass Fishing
Grant and Nam went to southwestern Iowa to join Jay and Todd for some phenomenal early season largemouth bass fishing this past weekend (April 12-14). Biggest was around 21 inches. It was nice to breakaway from the long cold winter and catch some fish. Definitely a memorable trip!

Here is a video compilation of our adventure to Iowa for early season bass fishing this past weekend. Video is a little long but the ending is worth it. Enjoy the journey!

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