Me & My Canoe

In May of 2015, I purchased my first 16′ Mad River Adventure Canoe from REI in Bloomington. I remember how excited I was to bring it home. Two years prior to the purchase, I was introduced to the canoe by my fishing buddy Gary Engel and got to experience fishing from it. I loved every minute of it! With two people paddling, the Adventure cuts and moves fast through the water. It has plenty of leg room, a couple of vertical slots/rod holders behind the front and back seat to store your fishing rods upright, and plenty of space for your tacklebox, net, small cooler, etc. The front and back seats have comfortable backrests so no more backaches. A third seat in the middle is perfect for taking a child along for a nice paddle on an evening. Many nice lunkers and trophy fish have been brought into my canoe with many more to come!


Big Gators

Exploring a new lake this morning was a success! We caught lots of small pike up in shallow but we found where the sharp drop-off was and the big gators were there in deeper cooler water. Jigging with heavy hair jigs and burning spinnerbaits was key.


Paddle Boat Fishing

A fun family reunion, took my buddy Cole out on a paddle boat and caught a bunch of small bass and panfish on the Ned rig on a 1/16 oz. mushroom jighead and a 3″ Ned Zone.

Lunchtime Smallies

One of the best things about working at the City of Minneapolis is not only serving the people, the Mississippi River flows just behind our building. Skipping lunch to go catch some of these little feisty smallmouth is so much fun!

A Crappie Kind of Day

X Zone Lures 2″ Tubes was the ticket! Crappies were still nesting on sandy bottoms in less than a foot of water. Most were caught through sight fishing. A few kept for a fish fry.

2018 KBS Classic Qualifier

Fun day fishing the KBS Classic Qualifier on Lake Sakatah this past Saturday, May 26th! Tough bite it was, had to finesse and coax the bass with a wacky worm or Texas-rigged craw. Only caught four measurable fish but I really like the lake very much. Also got to try out my buddy Grant’s Old Town Predator. It was very comfortable!

Summer Bassin’

Buzzbait early, wacky and Ned rigs when the sun came up. Bass seemed to be everywhere! Below is a big bass that inhaled a 3” Ned Zone in the dirty shad color on a 1/16 oz. mushroom jighead. The subtle action of the True Center Stick was too much for the toad (on the right) to handle. Fun day on the water!

The Rise of the Fisherman

With only a week away from the 2018 Fishing Opener, the countdown begins and excitement builds. From waking up at the crack of dawn to spooling fresh new line the night before, looking over lake maps, and deciding what lures to throw, it is all in the planning process leading up to the first cast. Enjoy this video entitled “The Rise of the Fisherman.”

2018 Northwest Sportshow

Stacey, JT, and I attended the annual Northwest Sportshow to meet up with our good friends of Spring Bay Resort, catching up with my kayak fishing friends from the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association, and checking out the latest tackle & boats/pontoons. JT also caught his first trout at the kids trout pond!

2018 Angling Intro

With warming temps the week ahead and the snow melting, only one thing comes to mind… Fishing! Join me this season as I take you on an adventure to catch some tackle bustin’ bass, muskies, big pike, crappies, and other species. We will also share with you some tips along the way. I am excited for the upcoming season and looking forward to seeing you on the water.

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