Nguyen’s Angling Adventures thanks the following companies for their generous support. Their products and customer service are top-notched. We exclusively use their products in all of our outings.

Amphibia LogoFrom the very beginning, Amphibia has set their sights on revolutionizing the performance eyewear industry through innovation and leading-edge technology. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts by outdoor enthusiasts, Amphibia floating eyegear is so much more than just another pair of sunglasses. From the rugged, lightweight polymers that form the basis of their high-flotation architecture, to the ultra-clear lenses that meet or exceed the highest standards for impact resistance, they’re performance-focused.They offer the world’s first-and-only ANSI-rated floating eyegear. Maintaining buoyancy while being rugged enough to attain the highly coveted ANSI Z87.1 impact safety rating is quite literally a moon landing in the eyewear industry.

baitmateBaitmate Fish Attractant incorporate the tastes, scents and visual stimulants that trigger the predatory instincts in all species of fish. No other fish attractant is as effective or affordable. Their improved formulas are highly concentrated to provide maximum results while offering improved, long-lasting adhesion to lures and live bait. Baitmate provides both the avid fishing enthusiast and the recreational fisherman every advantage.

img_3152GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater camera that sits on your fishing line and works with a mobile app. Anglers can capture action-packed footage, gain insight into the underwater fishing experience, and review and share awesome video content on social media. The GoFish Cam works in both freshwater and saltwater environments, and capture underwater video when casting, trolling, bottom fishing, and float fishing.


nicholsNo matter what you want in your tackle box, Nichols Lures will take care of you. Spinnerbaits, Jigs, Hand-Poured Soft Plastics, Injected Soft Plastics, Chatterbaits, and multitudes of terminal tackle are all part of their extensive line-up of products. Whether you are looking for a custom spinnerbait that needs to be just right, or are heading out for the weekend and need to stock up, they can accommodate your every need.

openwaterOpenwater is not a brand. It’s a way of life. We are drawn to it, it’s something that we feel inside, and for some of us it is where we belong. We walk to the shore and gaze over our playground, the anticipation of what lies ahead. That first cast, that first wave, the feeling of weightlessness above and below the waterline. The excitement is infectious, the rush is exhilarating, and that feeling is… Openwater.


tasunTasun is simply the best lure retriever on the market. Designed to retrieve snagged lures from heavy cover, you don’t have to be afraid of going for the big one anymore! The Tasun lure retriever is straightforward, user-friendly which is why it sets itself apart from ALL other lure retrievers on the market today. The retriever slides down your line and “breaks loose” the lure from heavy cover, and keeps you fishing longer. Tasun’s non-mechanical design with no external chain-links allows for a lifetime of use inside your tackle box. A Spring loaded wire will lock the swivel ball into place upon impact, creating a “kick” effect that will dislodge even the toughest of snags.  With an unprecedented weight of just 6.71 oz., constructed from heavy lead & metal, this guarantees you won’t lose your favorite lures, ever.

The Tasun works every time, because no matter how close or how far away, Tasun will get there to retrieve it for you or your money back, Guaranteed!


WOO! Tungsten has the Highest Quality tungsten, accessories & apparel at incredible prices. Toughest paint in the business to reduce chipping. Low-vis matte black paint to trick finicky GIANTS! Creator of the INVISASHOT line of green pumpkin drop shot weights. All Drop Shot weights are stamped with size to avoid confusion.

Enter discount code WOOfriends10 at checkout for 10% off your first order!

XZONE Pro SeriesX Zone Lures were specially designed to behave like lake forage, attracting fish quickly and easily to their shape and movement in the water. Their product line currently includes 3 product line development. First, the Classic Hand Pour Series will always be the series baits that are truly hand poured. This line up of baits is geared toward Simbaits and Finesse baits and is great for a wide variety species and fishing techniques.

Secondly, their Pro Series is the series they are getting ready to launch, this series of baits will be machine injected and will appeal to a wide array of anglers. They have put a ton of time into the design of these baits and their very own Elite Series Pro, Brandon Lester has and will be an integral part of this series’ development. They are absolutely thrilled about this line of baits. Third, the Crappie/Panfish Series is a series right now in development and will be available by late spring of this year.