Late Fall Bassin’

A doubleheader! Brrr…a cold one this past Sunday afternoon but fish were biting, over 25 fish caught.


Pike on Swim Jig

A rare Saturday morning outing with my cousin Thinh, several bass and many feisty pike on the Saber Swim Jig!


Late Summer Bassin’

An epic morning of bass fishing! This giant engulfed a 1/2 oz. jig rigged with an Adrenaline Bug in the summer craw color!

Friday Morning Canoeing with Stacey

Beautiful morning of paddling & a little fishing at a Metro area lake! We didn’t catch anything but enjoying the nature and each other’s company on a lovely day.


Sunday Morning Bassin’

Fun morning of bass fishing with my friend Ed before the front moved in!

Minneapolis Art Tour

Pretty cool looking manhole cover I saw during our Minneapolis art tour this afternoon!


Mississippi Smallies on the Bite

Nothing big but lots of Mississippi smallies were snipping today during the little drizzle we had over the lunch hour.


Big Turtle Lake Smallies

Stacey, Joshua, and I made our second fishing trip together to Arcadia Lodge up on Big Turtle Lake. Joshua really enjoyed the beach and all the water toys, playing in the multiple playgrounds, having ice cream in the lodge, and participating in the tie-dye shirt making as well as sailboat creation and crafts. 

Weather for the week was in the low-50s to mid-70s with a high in the upper 80s and low 90s on Thursday and Friday. It rained at the beginning of the week. The smallmouth fishing was even better this year than in 2017! Fish were in post-spawn. They were shallow around big boulders early morning and moved out to 6 feet of water by mid-morning. I did notice lots of rusty crayfish springing along on the bottom as I pass over them. I caught all my fish on the Ned Zone, Clackin’ Crank, and Pop-R. Smallmouth size ranged from 17.25″ to 18.75″ with a few smaller ones, so average weight was around 3.5 lbs. Stacey hooked into about a 19″ largemouth too on the Clackin’ Crank.

Being One with Nature

Something about being deep in the woods, a flowing stream, birds flying overhead, squirrels jumping between trees, with mosquitoes and all, I find myself being one with nature.

Yesterday my cousin Thinh landed his first trout ever! So happy for him.

Vermillion River Rainbow Trout Fishing

Fun day exploring a new stretch of the Vermillion River for trout! Caught 6 rainbows on this outing and lost a couple more, all on a Mepps spinner.