Post-Front Bass on the Bug & Craw

The bite picked up after the front moved through this evening. Not much action on the frog but a weightless Adrenaline Bug and Muscle Back Craw in the summer craw color did the trick!

Binh’s 6 Lb. Largemouth

So happy for my cousin Binh catching his personal best largemouth yesterday evening…a whopping 6 lbs., 20.5 inches! Way to go cuz!!

Summer Bassin’

Nice to get back to catching largies on this muggy morning! A wacky rigged True Center Stick with a mist of Baitmate Live Gamefish did the trick today.

Team Baitmate

A nice package from one of my sponsors, Baitmate. Can’t wait to try that phantom spider!

6/20-6/27 Arcadia Lodge Trip Report

Stacey, Joshua, and I made our third fishing trip together to Arcadia Lodge up on Big Turtle Lake. This was probably by far our best trip to Arcadia Lodge! We stayed in the Rustic cabin for the first time. What was special was we had our own private dock that I could tie our boat to and our very own fire pit to enjoy a bonfire and roast marshmellow every evening.

Our family really enjoyed the paddle boat and playing in the water. Ice cream in the lodge every other day and playing foosball was Jt’s favorite. He created another Arcadia tie-dye shirt to add to his collection.

Weather was in the low-50s to mid-70s for most of the week. The smallmouth fishing was good. Fish were in post-spawn. They were shallow around rocky points and big boulders early morning and dropped to 8-10 feet of water by mid-morning. The biggest of the trip was 18.5″ smallie on a silver Husky Jerk. The mayfly hatch had just started and fish were gorging themselves with it. Most mornings started off pretty slow but the action picked up later in the day, especially when we had a little bit of wind. The black 1/8 oz. hair jig worked slow was great as well as the 1/4 oz. underspin rigged with a 3″ pumpkin pepper curly tail grub.

The highlight of the week, however, was not a smallmouth but a big dogfish! Fishing behind Dead Mans Island in the shallow reeds I spotted two fish together that I thought was a pair of big smallmouth bass. Rigged up with an underspin and pearl curly tail grub, I dropped the jig mere inches from their nose. One of the fish propelled forward and inhaled my lure. I tightened the line and set the hook! The fight was on. After a brief moment I realized it was a dogfish. Check video below for the full sequence.

We really enjoyed our stay, rebooked again for next year and looking forward to coming back!

One Happy Kid

One happy kid! Wearing his cool tie-dye shirt he made at Arcadia Lodge.

JT’s First Canoe Outing

JT’s first ever canoe outing went GREAT!!

A “Turtle” Tale

Of the many fish tales & memories JT and I will have together in the years ahead, I guess a “turtle” tale will be amongst them. I was sorting my trout jigs when JT said “Daddy, a turtle ate my worm.” I looked down and sure enough a turtle was dangling on his hook. He said the turtle followed his bobber in and then swam down to grab his worm. We pulled the tiny hook from the roof of its mouth and released back into the lake. JT of course wouldn’t stop talking about it on the car ride home.

Memorial Day

Picture perfect day spending time with family and trout fishing!

A Day in the Canoe with Nam…introducing the Muscleback Craw!

Hop on board my canoe for a morning of bass fishing!