JT’s First Lunker

A proud daddy moment. JT caught his personal best “Big Toad!” When he set the hook we watched the bobber stay down and deep moving along in the ultra clear water. Seconds later the bobber emerged and a big leap of the 5 pounder had daddy all panicked reaching for the phone and fumbling it in the canoe. (Wanted to get a video of him reeling it in.) JT stayed all calm and cool while the bass peeled line and surged under the canoe bending his ultralight rod in a perfect horseshoe. A couple of slow-mo head shakes underwater, the bass finally surfaced and I lipped it for him. I must have been way more excited as I quickly gave JT praises and a couple “daddy proud” pats on his shoulder. lol Anyways, the fish measured just over 20 inches. JT was awestruck! I will never forget his expression. A quick photo and JT put his trophy fish back in the water as he watched it swim away. I am certain this will be one of his many true fish tales and a memory that will last a lifetime.

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