Bullseye & the Anglr App

A pretty cool little gadget called the Bullseye I wanted to share with you about my experience with it during my recent bass outing in southwest Iowa. I must say I was very impressed with the Bullseye after utilizing it for two and a half days. I successfully paired it with my Anglr app right on my phone. As I caught fish, I marked the GPS location where I caught them and was able to log in my catch, lure, rod & reel used, any notes, etc. right into the Anglr app. This info will be very helpful for next year as I plan to make the Iowa trip an annual thing. Not only was the logbook useful but the app also gave me real-time minute-by-minute weather conditions like air temp, wind speed and direction, and cloud coverage too.
Attached are a few photos from my screen capture. One feature I didn’t utilize and wished I did was recording my entire trip with the Anglr app. I will be going out in a couple weeks to fish for crappies and will definitely track my outing.
I can already see that I will be using the Bullseye heavily this season and for years to come!

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