In May of 2015, I purchased my first 16′ Mad River Adventure Canoe from REI in Bloomington. I remember how excited I was to bring it home. Two years prior to the purchase, I was introduced to the canoe by my fishing buddy Gary Engel and got to experience fishing from it. I loved every minute of it! With two people paddling, the Adventure cuts and moves fast through the water. It has plenty of leg room, a couple of vertical slots/rod holders behind the front and back seat to store your fishing rods upright, and plenty of space for your tacklebox, net, small cooler, etc. The front and back seats have comfortable backrests so no more backaches. A third seat in the middle is perfect for taking a child along for a nice paddle on an evening. Many nice lunkers and trophy fish have been brought into my canoe with many more to come!


Me & My Canoe

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