2012 Century Lodge Album


Century Lodge
Eagle Lake, Osbourne Bay
Ontario, Canada
June 16-23, 2012

My brother An and I visited Century Lodge run by Randy Tyran to fish for muskies and smallies on Eagle Lake in Osbourne Bay. Weatherwise, we got a little bit of everything from sunny skies to high winds to thunderstorms. Musky fishing was outstanding! The muskies seemed to be in every bay we visited in the reeds and cabbage weeds. Our biggest musky of the trip was 42″ and we caught a total of four muskies: 36″, 41″, 42″, 42″. We both encountered monsters that followed our lures to boatside. In one bay I made a long cast with a TopRaider which the line tangled around the hooks mid-air. After it landed I quickly reeled in to untangle the line at which point a big musky (between 45″-50″) followed the bait to boatside. I lifted the bait out of the water and the big fish aligned itself parallel with our boat watching An’s orange Rat-L-Trap (like a dog eyeing his favorite doggy treat) as his lure sits dangling just inches from the surface. The fish was hot. I went to dip my tangled TopRaider in the water when all of a sudden the musky made a U-turn and made a huge boil at my bait on the surface missing it by an inch or so. We were stunned. We will be back to catch the monster.

We would like to thank Randy, Rich, Kay, Holli, Haley, and the rest of the Century Lodge staff for a memorable trip!