2009 Spring Bay Resort Album


Spring Bay Resort
Lake Vermilion, West End
Cook, Minnesota
June 20-27, 2009

My friend Jonathan and I visited Spring Bay Resort in Cook, Minnesota fishing the west end of Lake Vermilion for early summer smallmouth bass and northern pike. I checked in on Saturday afternoon and Jon came in on Tuesday afternoon. The weather for the most part was sunny and warm, with a couple days of very windy conditions. For this trip we have lots of stories. Let’s start with the fishing.

We caught lots of medium size fish. Jon caught his largest largemouth bass at a whopping 18.5 inches and the fish was shaped like a football! Several nice northern pike and smallmouth bass were caught and released each day, and an occasional walleye, rock bass, perch, and largemouth bass. Although we didn’t land a musky, I had two follows during the week at two different locations. Both fish were at least 45 inches long and thick. Jon had a monster pike engulfed his jig and when he set the hook the line just snapped. The bass were in the weedbeds tight up against the shoreline in their spawning phase. The pike were everywhere it seemed like but most of the bigger ones we caught were in between islands or in quiet weedy bays. Fishing was always better in the bays where the wind was blowing into the bay. We both had sore wrists from pulling in so many fish.

We had a couple of hilarious bird encounters. One of the evenings, we were grilling Korean bacon outside and had just finished our meal to go inside to catch up on the news. A crow lands on our porch and observes the two bacon strips that remained on the plate. The bird was so methodical in getting the strips that we actually caught him in the act of stealing our bacon. (See photos below.) Another story: On the final night, I was in the cabin typing on the computer just a tad after midnight when something swooped over my head from behind. I looked up into the kitchen and saw something flapping and thought it was a big mosquito. Closer observation I realized it was a bat! It swooped again and I dodged underneath the dining table and ran into my bedroom closing the door. Jon saved the night by opening the door to the outside and lead the bat out the door with a broomstick.

It was a fun memorable trip!