2008 Spring Bay Resort Album


Spring Bay Resort
Lake Vermilion, West End
Cook, Minnesota
September 2-6, 2008

My friend Adam and I visited Spring Bay Resort run by Joe and Steven Amundson in Cook, Minnesota to try our attempts at some muskies and northern pike. It took us a good 3.5 hours to get there with a stop in Cloquet for gas. Adam drove the whole way. We spent three and a half days fishing Lake Vermilion on the west end. The weather was mostly windy and overcast with the first couple days the main part of the lake was so choppy we had to find sheltered bays to fish. We primarily used heavy tackle throwing bucktails, jerkbaits, and prop baits. Although we didn’t land a musky, Adam caught his first northern pike while I caught my biggest pike. Both were 37 inches long. We did encounter a giant musky in the 30-40 lb. class swimming along slowly on a reef as our boat approached it. I also witnessed my first ever Northern Lights experience. The scenery was extravagant!