2008 Cedar Lake Lodge Album


Cedar Lake Lodge
Cedar Lake
Perrault Falls, Ontario, Canada
May 24-30, 2008

My friend Jonathan and I visited Cedar Lake Lodge run by Al and Kim Franken in Perrault Falls, Ontario, Canada to try some of the good early season walleyes, smallmouth bass, and northern pike. It took us a good 9.5 hours to get there with an occasional stop for fuel, rest and stretch. Jon drove the whole way. We stayed for five full days fishing Cedar Lake and Nelson Lake. We primarily used jigs with minnows for the walleyes and some days they were shallow as much as 6 feet on overcast days and as deep as 25 feet on bright sunny days. We also casted many shallow bays where the wind was blowing into it for smallmouth and northern pike. A few fish were caught trolling the shoreline in 25 feet or less. My friend Jon was so hilarious! We had a really good time.