2006 Nielsen’s Fly-In Lodge Album


Nielsen’s Fly-In Lodge
Rowan Lake
Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada
May 24-30, 2006

My brother An and I returned to Nielsen’s Fly-In Lodge in hopes of catching more of the lake trout action we got into last year. The lake trout action, however, was tough and much of it I believe was due to the warm weather. Instead we ended up catching and releasing several northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, and 5 muskies varying from 20″ to 47″! We caught and released about 10-12 lake trout, biggest being 32″. The biggest two fish were muskies, each of them 47″ long and 22″ and 24″ girths. We had a wonderful time, ate great food, and made some new friends!